Loai Hazem is the content manager of Alhudood, the Middle East’s leading satirical news website, He is also a caricaturist, illustrator, graphic designer, and a writer, having published his works on several media platforms, newspapers and a number of books. (FB page)

Alhudood.net is an Arabic satirical news platform, which was launched in July 2013. Supported by the European Endowment for Democracy, Alhudood seeks to provide an alternative way of absorbing and analysing current events and mainstream media. It has created an open, tolerant space for people to discuss political and sensitive topics. The platform regularly publishes articles discussing and exposing violations of human rights by governments, censorship issues, gender inequality, and corruption. Amid regional turmoil, disappointments and setbacks, “We thought we could see the lighter side of things,” the co-founders explained in one of the interviews. “It started off with just ideas, joking around and coming up with stories. Then we realized if we pursued this we would have around 20 articles and could start up a website within a month.”